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Tired of feeling tired?

Fed up with the daily grind?

Constantly reaching for sweet treats?

If you answer yes to any of these questions why not come and have some “ME” time at our beautiful “relax and restore” retreat and learn how to cut the cravings, increase your energy and feel amazing with our qualified naturopath and nutritional therapists all in a stunning setting deep in the forest looking over a lake!

The perfect place to wind down, switch off and reenergise. The first time I went there I was literally stunned by how quiet it was.


This is a place to relax and restore, there is 4G but no WiFi! It takes you 24 hours to get used to it and then … heaven.  Some people love it!


Enjoy the yoga, meditation and healing experiences, eat healthy food and then just chill.


Alvasjön is in the middle of Hokensas Nature Reserve with it’s own lake, believed to have been created by a meteorite strike.  It is surrounded by forest which is a beautiful place to walk, run or cycle.

Summer 2020

June 10th to 17th 2020


Alice and Tiffani will work with you all each morning to help you look at how you might make some simple changes to your current diet and lifestyle so that you can go home with some new ideas on how to support better long-term health.


Immerse yourself in restorative yoga with Lisa in the beautiful peace of Alvasjor (weather permitting)


There’s loads of things for you to do during your stay. Take a look below.



There is a beautiful sandy beach with beach hut (with sauna) and a pontoon to swim to and dive off.


For the more adventurous the lake is 1km across and Alice is happy to accompany anyone who wishes to have a longer swim either at Alvasjön or down the road in Lake Vättern, Sweden’s second largest lake.

Rowing boats


There are two or three rowing boats and 2 canoes (2 large Canadian canoes)


About 10 good adult bikes suitable for riding on the forest tracks.



Lots of places to run/walk through the forest. Suggest taking phone and using app otherwise it is very easy to get lost!!



Fishing on the lake, if you know how!

Prices start at £545 pp