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Meet the Team


Alice Yeates


It’s a long story which started shortly after leaving school when I trained as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital, London and specialised in Diabetes.


In 2011 I got sick and after 18 months of visiting doctors and just not getting better on the medication the doctors gave me I realised that if I wanted to get well  I needed to look at other options.  With my background this was a tough decision.  It took a while to get stronger and in 2014 I started training as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and qualified in 2017. I went on to qualify as a Naturopath in 2018.


Having worked hard to heal myself, with extensive learning and research, I now have more energy to pursue my dream of supporting other people to develop a healthier lifestyle and overcome chronic illness.


I am passionate about creating food that encourages people to eat well and be healthy.  I am most content cooking in the kitchen at home to develop new recipes.  I work with groups and individuals to use my naturopathic and nutritional expertise to help people balance their hormones, cut the cravings and regain the energy they previously had.


I try to make small changes and additions that fit in with the every day needs of each individual client.

My main pic for website

Tiffani Vinyard


I was first exposed to Reiki and Crystals when I was 8 years old and my mother took me along to a holistic summer camp. We spent the week working with energy, giving and receiving Reiki and meditating with Crystals. I was immediately hooked and continued to explore Crystals and their energy throughout my entire school life.


I went on to train as a Reiki Master Teacher and then as a Crystal Master Teacher. I now work on retreats all over the globe delivering workshops and one to one healing sessions in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing and Reiki/Crystal Drumming. I also use my voice to calm and relax each participant using ancient and beautiful mantras. I gently sing into the aura of each person in order to move chi around the body.


“Tiffani is calm, open and genuine and has thrived in the alternative holistic industry because it is obvious to each person that she comes into contact with, that this is her passion and is what makes her heart sing.”


I am also a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and love seeing clients in my Hertfordshire and London clinics. I particularly enjoy supporting those clients who have had a cancer diagnosis so that I can work with their medical professional in order to support them on their road to recovery. 


I also specialise in weight loss, gut health and candida eradication. 


My favourite quote of all time is:

“To seek is to suffer. To seek nothing is bliss” – Bodhidharma.


Lisa Williamson

Yoga Teacher

I remember the first time I walked up the hill in the rain with a mat.  I was going to a Sikh Centre five minutes from where I live for a yoga class advertised on a gate. At the time I was running my own business and knew that anything further away would be impossible to incorporate in a silly work schedule.


The room was carpeted, dark and in candlelight. 


In the quiet, on a mat, I began to breathe and move, soften and strengthen, open and close my body for an hour and a half with a smile on my face. There was the odd ouch too, of course.


Before then I was trained as a dancer, had taught dance and movement, studied many physical practices and worked with animals in pet care and behaviour. Thankfully, I still live and work alongside animals.


Since that walk up the hill, I have qualified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance through Bridget Woods Kramer, as a Restorative Yoga Teacher with Anna Ashby and am currently on the Advanced Teacher Training Course with Triyoga, London, studying with Jean Hall and Anna Ashby.


I teach Yoga; hatha, restorative and alignment based modern yoga with attention to the ancient yoga tradition drawing on the many forms that have grown from it.


The pleasure and interest I continually find on the mat changes and develops through practice, study and teaching. I believe in a simple practice that allows us to turn inwards, release tension and learn our own experience of yoga through precision and subtlety.